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Advanced Software Solutions & Information Services for the Motor Insurance sector & the Automotive World Professionals  

Insurance risk reduction & UBI ˚ Fleet management control & optimization ˚ Automotive repair management & cost reduction ˚ Insurance business claim workflow ˚ Automotive parts cost control, parts data, commerce & more..


Isurance business claim reduction graph

Accelerate your claim workflow with reliable and automated process.


Accurately reduce risk with innovative UBI (Usage Base Insurance) solution..

Fleet management cotrol cars

Gain full control over your fleet with an intuitive and automatic system equipped with extended dashboard overview.

Repair optimization ilustrated

Serve your client with fast, accurate and professional price quotes. Gain instant access to market sources of parts and prices online. Maintain full control over your repair processes.


Automotive parts catalog and data

Gain real-time information on customers' immediate needs and instant access to market sources for parts and prices.





Extended Automotive Services - Cost reduction, workflow, mobile solutions, parts catalog, parts trade, UBI, claim control & turnkey insurance solution

Horizon is a unified, modular, online platform. It is Auto3p's flagship system based on advanced cloud technology consolidating the company's vast amount of tools and applications into one platform. Read more

Auto3P's comprehensive and accurate online parts catalog based directly on OE manufacturers' databases and includes their entire official data. This is a necessary integrated tool in every automotive professional system.

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MultiFleet is a complete, innovative and integrated management solution for the monitoring, administration, technical maintenance and repairs of vehicles fleet.



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'Telematics Insurance' tools for providing smart premium policy management based on UBI (User based insurance) measures.





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MultiTrade is a secure online trade environment that enables professional parts procurement from various resources. MultiTrade handles parts price queries and orders, from initial queries through to order and follow-up.


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A hand held device application for immediate access to all the Horizon services. It is the ideal tool for providing instant and accurate repair information on spot.




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Auto3P has been established over 20 years ago, focusing on vital requirements of the automotive community for reliable information, efficient management tools and a unified platform where businesses connect and collaborate.


Auto3P takes advantage of the Internet network, cloud technology, cellular communication and worldwide deployment of servers to provide services to anyone, anytime and anywhere.


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