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MultiFleet - A complete, innovative and integrated management solution for the monitoring, administration and technical maintenance of vehicles fleet.

Multifleet aids fleet managers in tracking vehicle location by using GPS & GPRS technology, optimizes vehicle and driver assignments, enables better control over fuel consumption, tire and spare parts wear and tear, and in general, provides the best tools for supervising day-to-day vehicle movement, maintenance and repairs.

The MultiFleet system provides major advantages to the fleet manager:


  • Tracking vehicle location by using GPS technology, integrated with updated Google maps.

  • Optimizes vehicle and driver assignment – daily trip reports, adding location on the map (POI).

  • Issuing trip documents (DAF, TD), creating predefined routes, warranties management.

  • Control over fuel consumption - automated fuel import and analysis (average, detailed).

  • Control over tire - changes, alerts, wear.

  • Control over spare parts wear and tear.

  • Automotive maintenance and repair costs evaluation capabilities.

  • Parts procurement and ordering.

  • Automated billing validation for invoice control.

  • Risk management, Alerts.

  • Reports and statistics, costs analysis, fleet budget.

  • System integration – set of API’s, secured environment.

  • IOS & Android compatible.



MultiFleet - Fleet management system

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