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Auto3P's comprehensive and accurate online parts catalog based directly on OE manufacturers' databases and includes their entire official data. 


  • MultiCat database comprises millions of original parts and details of most worldwide makes and models since the early 1970's.

  • Enables the search for all the required parts in accident damages and maintenance routines.

  • Supports model identification by Auto3P's unique model identifier or any coding system including the chassis number (VIN).

  • Provides data access for immediate and precise parts identification

  • A comprehensive information center providing labor cost calculation (rates and times) for fitting, repair and refinishing operations as well as price information for spare parts.

  • Enables direct parts ordering mechanism.

  • Offers a unified and homogenous cataloging method for all vehicle brands worldwide.

  • Accessible in 18 languages.


MultiCat can be accessed from any device, by utilizing mobile communications on Tablet & Smart Phone via the HandiMate application.

MultiCat - Online Parts Catalog

MultiCat Smart Widget - Designed to maximize to full the implementation within any designated platform

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