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HORIZON - Auto3P's online service platform

Horizon is a unified, modular, online platform. It is Auto3p's flagship system based on advanced cloud technology consolidating the company's vast amount of tools and applications into one platform.

All of Auto3P's applications and tools that make up the Auto3P Horizon platform are web applications based on a SAAS concept, available on mobile technology as well. It is accessible anywhere, from every device in real time.

Horizon is a modular, multilingual, integrative platform that supports multiple integration paradigms as well as a variety of open communication protocols and a friendly API.

The platform is designed to provide information and facilitate in the collaboration between the different automotive parties using workflow management.


Key components of the Horizon solutions and services:


  • Streamlines and manages damage claims, damage assessment, on-field estimates

  • Repair and maintenance workflow management - repair price quotes, orders & follow-up

  • Parts procurement, online B2B parts trade

  • Invoice audit and validation- generates automatic comparison of repair bills with verified domestic prices

  • Advanced statistical reports transforming real-time raw automotive data into meaningful and useful information

  • Vehicle inspection and reception proceedings - Overall on-field examination and digital documentation utilizing online tablet application


Auto3P Horizon manages more than 10,000 files daily and processes more than 2.5 million files yearly.



Horizon - Unified Extensive Automotive Workflow Process Management
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