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AUTOSENSE - Telematics Insurance management tool 

The Horizon Autosense is a smart premium policy management tool for calculating vehicle insurance premium rates based on the customers' driving distances, times, types of roads, individual "Drive Style", driver identification and more


The Horizon Auto-Sense platform supports the complete process from the device installation through collecting, processing and analyzing the information for providing tailored premium calculation for both to the insurance company and the vehicle owner, all based on the customer's individual usage (UBI)

FNOL/FEOL solutions for motor insurance:

A perfect solution for immediate and automatic alert of a real accident event, and automatic evaluation of the damage.

For a better claim handling in an accurate and swift way to save time and money for the insurance company as well as fraud prevention.

  • Windshield Smart Sticker - Our usage Based Insurance device suitable for FNOL

  • FNOL (first notice of loss) of real accident event notification – Call center

  • FEOL (first evaluation of loss) for the damage estimation cost  based on telemetry data analysis and spare parts catalog database

  • “ONE-CLICK” estimation tool


(First notification/Evaluation of loss)

Online Accident & Claim Handling
Solution for the Insurance Company

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