Accelerate your claim workflow to save time and resources

Auto3P empowers insurance companies with reliable and accurate technical and commercial information, enabling optimized management decisions that result in dramatic savings both in time and resources.


Auto3P’s online solutions provide insurers with comprehensive tools to manage the ‘Damage claim workflow’ - from estimation to close of the claim, with enhanced monitoring through follow-up applications.


Gain cost control

Auto3P's Horizon claims management solution provides powerful data engines allowing for cost control and price check utilities, real–time parts trade, online business arena opportunities, and enables all parties' access to the claims handling process.


Increase profitability

Using Auto3P’s management tools, insurers can gain insights and act based on accurate and reliable data, generate real-time reports and increase their profitability.


Accurately reduce risk, optimize premium rates

Auto3P developed 'Telematics Insurance' management tool (UBI) to gain market share through competitive pricing by better management of the risks. Insurance premiums are calculated dynamically according to the driver's behavior and level of risk in order to optimize premium rates.

Insurance - Claim workflow, cost control, risk reduction illustration

FNOL/FEOL solutions for motor insurance:

A perfect solution for immediate and automatic alert of a real accident event, and automatic evaluation of the damage.

For a better claim handling in an accurate and swift way to save time and money for the insurance company as well as fraud prevention.

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Some of our 'Insurance sector' clients

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